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Every child is a unique gift to the world and Nurture in Nature creates a nurturing camp adventure to increase self awareness in its campers who are inspired to to explore the realm of possibilities. Our vision includes hosting several camps per year. We lovingly welcome and invite members of the human species regardless of age, gender, race, religious preference, sexual orientation, medical or psychological conditions to embrace the potential for self healing through harnessing the powers of nature.

While immersed in nature, our aim is to showcase the empowering opportunities that exist when combining like ages with like abilities. We strive to recognize the individual gifts and talents each camper embodies so that one may experience the synergy of nature and healing. These experiences will provide unparalleled opportunities conducive for healing and self acceptance through our unique approach of including peer groups alongside nature as an integral part of attaining natural wholeness.

We also recognize the financial strain many families face when supporting a family member with disabilities, therefore our services are free of cost to our participants. Our fundraising efforts throughout the year allow Nurture In Nature to offset the costs incurred by such an endeavor, making the possibility to experience an outdoor adventure more of a reality!

Furthermore, Nurture in Nature seeks to break down the walls of isolation oftentimes felt by individuals with disabilities. We believe this begins with a meaningful connection with nature and others that share the same obstacles in life. It is our belief that when a person is affirmed, their increased sense of self-worth contributes to the greater common good.

We are excited to shed light on the unrecognized potentials that lie within our community of disabled children, while using nature as our gentle guide toward healing and balance!

The entire Nurture In Nature Family Thanks You for your support!

EMAIL: info@nurtureinnature.com


Our mission is to introduce children with disabilities to the transformative power of nature by gifting a barrier free camping experience near the Yosemite National Forest."

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